Our take on the Ramones’ 1978 classic, ‘I Just Want to Have Something to Do’ is now available on Spotify at https://open.spotify.com/track/2bOJY6Uvsg3ueKZd8vrV0w?si=306bf6d0d7d24b31

There were several reasons for doing this song (aside from the fact that it’s based on three chords). It’s a perfect encapsulation of urban alienation and longing. It features one of the most hilariously inventive rhymes in the history of rock music – ‘avenue’ with ‘vindaloo’ in the first line. It’s a noisy blast of energy, which we all need from time to time. And given that it’s been twenty years since Joey Ramone passed away – the first of the Ramones to go – it seemed a fitting moment to do it. As every year passes it becomes clearer how startlingly unique the Ramones were.

Doing this song was educational. It may be musically simple but it’s innovative in its structure and approach. Musicianship is a great thing to have of course, but what the Ramones showed was that strong ideas, a distinctive identity and unwavering commitment to your art are what matter most in the end.

We have a new release planned for Friday 4 June. More on that soon.