The Empty Mirrors’ latest EP, 'These Numb Nights', came out on 1 October. Comprising four tracks, it’s a real ensemble effort that features the vocal talents of Bruno Rocha, Robert Severin and Jenny Stevens, with writing input from Alex Jeapes. The opening track, ‘Gabrielle’, has received particular praise. With Bruno and Jenny on vocals, the song was based on the idea of trying to sound like an 80s band doing a cover of a ‘lost’ early 60s teen tragedy classic. It featured on the official Spotify playlist ‘Suomi-indie tänään’ (Finnish indie today) for several weeks.

Of the other songs on the EP, ‘Drive Away’, sung by Robert, is a short, swaggering, mostly synth number that benefits hugely from Alex Jeapes’s deft touch with chord progressions. ‘Kaleidoscope City’, with Bruno on vocals, travels back in time, accompanied by evil synth sounds, to survey New York City’s music scene across three decades. And ‘Letter to Suzanne’, sung by Robert and Jenny, is a tribute to Suzanne Vega, a key influence for the Empty Mirrors, particularly for her uniquely concrete and poetic approach to lyrics. And this song features some of the finest ‘sha-la-las’ known to humanity.

The Empty Mirrors are now hard at work on a follow-up and heading in an intriguing new musical direction. More news in a few weeks.