Songwriting is a slippery business. Sometimes I write a song and initially get hugely excited about it. A few days later it becomes clear that I’ve created another huge pile of aural dung, representing hours, maybe even days or weeks, of time wasted. Or is it wasted? It seems almost a rule that the first time I try doing something new, it’s certain to be a failure. A few months down the line, though, the same idea might reappear in a different song and fit perfectly.
Then again, a few songs I’ve written didn’t seem great at the time but on listening back months later it becomes clear that with a few changes they could be good, or at least better. Yesterday, I listened to an old demo (intelligently titled ‘Yah-Yee-Yah-Oh’) and realised the bridge section, about 10 seconds of the song, was by far the catchiest part of it and should be the chorus.

Context and distance…

The big excitement this week was that Radio TFSC played both ‘Alter Ego by Night’ and ‘Beat and Dazed’ and KB Radio Canada played ‘Alter Ego by Night’, which also appears on this great Spotify playlist: Indie Spotlight