Puppets, Dance! has now been out for a few weeks and is starting to pick up listeners on Spotify, YouTube and internet radio stations. Big shout out to KRAC Radio, Lonely Oak Radio, KOR Radio and Banks Radio, among others, for scheduling our songs for airplay.

It’s interesting how themes emerge as you write. While putting together the tracks for ‘Puppets, Dance!’ puppets kept trying to get into the lyrics. They’re mentioned in ‘Morphine Dream’ and ‘Judith, I’ll Do It’, tried to creep into ‘Evenings at the Villa’ (but were fended off) and in one of the songs that didn’t make the cut. What does that suggest? Manipulation? Helplessness? The clues are there on the lyrics page for all you amateur psychologists out there.

The next EP, provisionally titled ‘The Distance Between Us’, is now in the pipeline. No prizes for guessing what the theme of that one’s going to be.