I woke up today wondering whether it’s possible to be influenced by an artist you don’t particularly like, or to like an artist you’re not particularly influenced by. I suppose part of the answer to the first question is that being influenced isn’t a conscious decision, so anything that gets under your skin and into your head, whether you want it to or not, will probably push you a little in a certain direction. 

Not sure about the second question. I’ll have a think about it and see if I can come up with any sort of answer in the next post.

In other news… we were excited to have songs included on several Spotify playlists this week, including Eagles Nest Radio and 360°: The Best Indie Music: Updated Daily

Meanwhile, work continues on the follow-up. We have the music. We have the words. We have some supremely talented new collaborators. It’s just a question of putting it all together. And these things take time, as someone once said.