I’ve been following an online songwriting course run by the Songwriting Academy since April last year. It’s been excellent – really helpful not only in providing the tools to write better songs but also in offering insight into a range of other songwriting-related issues.

Last week, as part of this course, I watched a webinar on melody given by Larry Dvoskin who noted, apparently in passing, that many of the most powerful songs are underpinned by a sense of yearning for something you want but can’t have or for something you’ve lost. This was a lightbulb moment for me – an insight so obviously true that it seemed strange I’d never thought of it in those terms. Larry then proceeded to give an expert analysis of the melodic contours of Yesterday, maybe the most archetypal yearning-for-something-you’ve-lost song ever.

In other news, our new single, Kaleidoscope City, featuring Bruno Rocha on vocals, is almost ready. It’s loosely describable as psychedelic pop – plenty of interesting synth textures plus a little bit of guitar – and takes the listener time-travelling back to the New York of the 70s, 80s and 90s. A little bit of a departure from our earlier stuff and we’re looking forward to getting it out there.