After brewing for quite a while, Puppets, Dance! is finally out. It’s been a fun, engrossing, occasionally frustrating, inspiring and multifaceted process – and that list only scratches the surface of it!

One thing I’ve learned from doing the EP is that if you’ve got an idea but don’t have all the skills to make it happen, get hold of talented people to help you – so huge thanks to Robert, Anna, Neil, Niklas and Ludde for helping make it sound so good.

Another thing I’ve learned is that social media need not be evil (exactly, I was as surprised as you are…) so long as you stick to stuff you enjoy (hello music, art, literature and beer) and avoid what makes you miserable (goodbye politics, snarkiness).

…The Empty Mirrors have been on Twitter for a couple of weeks, tweeting away inanely from @MirrorsEmpty and discovering some fantastic bands and artists too. I made a Spotify playlist featuring some of them. It’s called Twilight shivers